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Why advertise on 98.3 Sam FM?
Advertising on the radio is a good way to reach potential consumers of your product. The key is to know what businesses are best served by radio advertising and not other advertising methods.  98.3 Sam FM was designed to deliver the "money demo" to advertisers in Logan, Athens, Lancaster and all of the Hocking Hills. .   Other stations in the area can deliver listeners, but 98.3 Sam FM delivers listeners who are qualified to buy your goods and services.
A major reason that radio advertising works is it can reach people when other forms of media cannot. Many workplaces allow only limited Internet access and no television, but most workplaces allow radios to be on during business hours.  98.3 Sam FM  is an across the board station that most listeners can agree on.
98.3 Sam FM can be heard in many venues. Some people listen to radio in their homes, but most listen while on the road. This can be an asset to those advertising sales and special offers.
Radio advertising is less expensive than many other forms of advertising. Television and print ads can cost up to 10 times as much as a single radio ad and reach fewer people than radio.  Ask us how you can get your message to consumers in Logan, Athens, Lancaster, Circleville, Zanesville and all of The Hocking Hills for as little as $75.00 a week.
Radio advertisements are typically targeted toward local audiences, but radio ads are also effective on a nationwide scale.
Many radio listeners have one or two stations that they trust for news, contests and their favorite music. This can also mean they will develop a level of trust with the advertisers on that station as well.  Many listeners now trust 98.3 Sam FM as their favorite station.
Stations Available in Logan
98.3 Sam FM is part of the Logan Mini-Cluster of Radio Stations which include:
Contacting 98.3 Sam FM  Sales
Being a part of the local Mini-Cluster of Radio Stations in Logan Ohio has never been easier.  Its as easy as 1.2.3.
1.  Contact a Qualified and Certified Radio Marketing Professional at 740-380-9546
2.  Set up a free,  no obligation face to face meeting
3. Decide which program works best for you and start telling listeners today about your products!
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